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Silwan Fountain Treatment and Recovery Centre

Our History

Having been in the counselling field for over a decade the director realized the challenges of working with clients using substances. As a result of these challenges the director decided to seek knowledge in the field of addiction to help her understand the theories and concepts behind addiction. The learning experience became an eye opener and the director resorted to open a treatment centre. Silwan Fountain Treatment and Recovery Centre was therefore started in early 2018 to cater for the persons struggling with alcohol and other drugs.


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Silwan Fountain Treatment and Recovery Center

Our Staff

Silwan Fountain Treatment and Recovery Centre is managed and run by a team of trained addiction counsellors and medical specialist in the addiction and mental health. All our work is guided by the code of practice set out by NACADA.

Our team take great care in guiding the clients through their treatment plan in order to maintain the highest standard of care. They give support to clients in their journey to recovery by providing in-depth understanding of their addiction and underlying conditions while equipping them with the necessary tools to help achieve lasting sobriety.

The director who is the vision bearer holds an MA in Counselling Psychology, Diploma in Addiction counseling and internationally accredited as an addiction profession (ICAP II) with years of experience in the addiction counseling, Family therapy and medical field.

The clinical team is composed of a Medical doctor, Psychiatrist, Nurse (Majoring in Psychiatry) and qualified addiction counsellors with bachelor’s degree in counselling psychology.

Our approach to recovery is such that clients will experience the stability and comfort they need to help free themselves from addiction and rebuild their lives without drugs.

Our purpose is guided by our mission and vision, with our core values helping us to realize the said purpose. Our passionate and dedicated members of staff totally embrace these core values and turn them into a life changing experience for our clients.

We are committed to equipping our clients with life skills, proven psychological treatment and spirituality practices that will empower them to recreate their lives.