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Deciding to enter into a rehabilitation center for treatment seems and sound like an uphill task. There are many unknowns and myths about rehabs. They can even feel intimidating, but the truth is if you or a loved one needs help with substance abuse, rehabilitation is the best option.

Professional help and guidance can mean the difference between becoming and staying sober and constantly struggling with an addiction.

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Silwan Fountain Treatment and Recovery Center

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We are focused on addiction treatment and recovery support. With our knowledge and expertise, we have unmatched experience in leading clients and families through the chaos, fear and isolation of addiction and into a new life of recovery. We are driven by our core values which include:

  • Excellence
  • Respect
  • Teamwork
  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Empathy
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Silwan Fountain Treatment and Recovery Center

Our Services

Confidential Assessment

This is where a client in-depth history is taken by a professional to help determine the appropriate interventions. It entails history of substance use, medical, employment/support system, legal, family/ social and psychiatry. These client’s details are only accessible to the clinical team working with the client.

Medical Examination

To rule out any underlying medical condition for a client who has been in active substance use, we carry out a number of tests, e.g physical examination, blood tests, urine and radiological tests if necessary.

Individual Treatment Planning

Following the clients assessment, the clinical team together with the family of the client comes up with a full treatment plan for the client. This entails both short and long term goals.

12-step Orientation and Approach

Our set up uses the 12-step approach which encourages clients to develop spiritual principles that will help them maintain sobriety. Some of these principles include willingness, open-mindedness, honesty, hope, humility among others.

Drug Screening

The test is carried out to help identify specific drugs the client could have been using. We use a multi-drug test kit.

Family Education and Therapy

One of our guiding principles as Silwan Fountain Treatment and recovery centre is to involve the family members and significant others in the treatment of their loved ones, since addiction is a family disease. For every client, the family is involved in co-joint family sessions where counseling is done together with updating on the progress of the client. We also hold monthly open family days when not only the family members who come but also other interested parties who would want to learn more about addiction.

Relapse Prevention

Since addiction is a chronic relapsing brain disease, we prepare our clients to identify personal triggers/ challenges and how to deal with them. Clients are helped to identify high risk/ risk situations and how to guard against such. Client is also guided to come up with a realistic exit plan which they discuss with the sponsors before discharge. We also invite a recovering addict to join their AA/NA meetings here at the centre who at the same time prepares them to join the larger fellowship after discharge.

Continuing Care Programs

At Silwan Fountain Treatment and Recovery Centre, we have a unique advanced after care program which involves:

  • Clients keeping close contact with their primary counselor which they can call in case of overwhelming situations or lapse.
  • Introducing them to AA/NA fellowships.
  • Encouraging them to maintain a close contact with each other after discharge as a support system.
  • Periodic joint meetings for alumni.
  • For the clients who are working with their consent we involve the immediate supervisor, so as to have workplace support.
  • The sponsors and significant others are also involved.